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Appropriating the Alberta Advantage: a podcast profile

Appropriating the Alberta Advantage: a podcast profile

Alberta Marxists are trying to reclaim the meaning of the “Alberta Advantage” via their podcast of the same name.

At the time of its creation in September 2017, said host and producer Kate Jacobson, there were not really any leftist podcasts in the Prairie region. Now, they have been nominated for two Best of Calgary awards: Best Podcast and Best Twitter Personality.

“We’ve been really pleased with how receptive people have been to this project,” said Jacobson.

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Transit advocates worry about neglect

Transit advocates worry about neglect

Originally written December 2017.

After Calgary Transit narrowly avoided budget cuts, advocates say that maintaining service, and possibly spending more on transit, is needed since demand is increasing and often overlooked.

The city had wanted to cut 46,800 hours of bus service to help balance the budget, but on Nov. 29, city council voted to spend $4 million to maintain service.

The amendment to reverse the proposed cuts was put forth by the new councillor for Ward 3, Jyoti Gondek.

In a phone interview, Gondek said that the measure was necessary to maintaining a consistent vision for Calgary Transit.

Gondek said that cutting service time would eventually “force people into behaviour that is regressive, not progressive.”

She said it “seemed counterintuitive” for council to enact transit cuts while also committing to low-income transit passes and the Green Line expansion.

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