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Appropriating the Alberta Advantage: a podcast profile

Appropriating the Alberta Advantage: a podcast profile

Alberta Marxists are trying to reclaim the meaning of the “Alberta Advantage” via their podcast of the same name.

At the time of its creation in September 2017, said host and producer Kate Jacobson, there were not really any leftist podcasts in the Prairie region. Now, they have been nominated for two Best of Calgary awards: Best Podcast and Best Twitter Personality.

“We’ve been really pleased with how receptive people have been to this project,” said Jacobson.

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U of C experts, athletes discuss advances in concussion research

There is a path forward from the darkness of concussions, for both athletes who suffer them and for the larger sports world, say Calgary experts.

On Nov. 15, the University of Calgary (U of C)’s Integrated Concussion Research Program held a free panel discussion of researchers, advocates, and ex-athletes, titled “Concussion: Facts, Fiction and the Future.” Read more at

SAIT players help Foothills FC take national title

On Aug. 4, 2018, Calgary Foothills FC won the Premier Development League (PDL) national championship in Reading, Pa. On the team were two players from the SAIT men’s soccer team, Dean Northover and William Akio.  Continue reading “SAIT players help Foothills FC take national title”

The Dougie Hamilton trade: too many ifs

Dougie Hamilton. Photo by Alex Hamilton/SAITWell, Brad Treliving finally did it. He did the thing I’ve been dreading for the better part of three years, and traded Dougie Hamilton for magic beans.

The leadup to this deal reminded me strongly of the infamous Taylor Hall and PK Subban trades. It also has shades of another infamous Flames deal, the Dion Phaneuf trade in January 2010. It rests on several massive “ifs” about player performance. It does not, by any objective measure, automatically solve any of the problems with the roster. It is the sort of deal that could, and should, cost Brad Treliving his job if it backfires.  Continue reading “The Dougie Hamilton trade: too many ifs”

Catching up with retired Liberal MLA Harry Chase

Catching up with retired Liberal MLA Harry Chase

He has been officially retired from politics since 2012, but ex-MLA Harry Chase begins the interview at his Calgary home talking about his current efforts against a law in his second home in Parksville, B.C.

After being asked about how much time he splits between the two homes, Chase starts talking about how he’s fighting against a proposed speculation tax in B.C. that he described as “just a cash grab.”

It is an example of Chase’s political career in general: always with the knowledge that being even a lone dissenting voice can be satisfying in and of itself.

Fourteen years ago, Chase, previously a teacher for 34 years, won an upset victory as Calgary-Varsity’s first Liberal MLA. The district was thought to be deeply conservative.

After his retirement, Chase was succeeded by another PC MLA in Donna Kennedy-Glans. But in 2015, the seat was taken in the NDP wave by Stephanie McLean, now the minister for the Status of Women and Service Alberta, proving that his original progressive victory in Varsity was no fluke.

Reflecting on his electoral wins, legislative career, and the current state of Alberta politics, Chase remains proud of his progressive record. He has much he would like to offer young progressives as the province possibly heads towards another conservative government in 2019.

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March For Our Lives Calgary rally photo gallery

March For Our Lives Calgary rally photo gallery

The Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting seems notably different than the countless other mass shootings in the U.S. since Columbine. The student survivors are determined to keep gun control in the news cycle for more than a week, and hold politicians directly accountable for their complete inaction and cowardice against the gun lobby. On March 24, 2018, this culminated in the largest student protest in American history. Calgarians turned out downtown to support their southern  neighbour. Global News estimated a turnout of about 200. Click below to view photo gallery.

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