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Ties to anti-abortion groups dog the UCP

Originally written January 2018.

As it forms a platform and prepares for the 2019 provincial election, the United Conservative Party (UCP) and its leader, Jason Kenney, may face controversy over perceived anti-abortion policy.

Minister of Status of Women Stephanie McLean sees the UCP’s abortion policies as potentially dangerous because of these ties.

An abortion rights group, Alberta Pro-Choice Coalition, and the head of a progressive non-profit group, Progress Alberta, also are concerned about Kenney, pointing to his long record of approval by anti-abortion groups.

Should Kenney become premier in 2019, they do not trust his pledge not to cut access to abortion.

On the opposing side, an anti-abortion group recently tied to the UCP said that their aims are modest, and even supported by Albertans.

In an email interview, McLean said “it’s becoming clear just how extremist and reckless Jason Kenney and the UCP really are” on women’s reproductive rights.

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